CSR Programme
CSR Programme - Rehabilitation of the Disabled

Directly addressing the mobility needs of the disabled and providing rehabilitation free of cost is one of the flagship programmes of Lanco Foundation. The programme caters to people with loco motor disability. The endeavour is to encourage mainstreaming the differently-abled people. Currently, the Lanco Foundation operates four Artificial Limb Fitting Centers (ALFCs) in four states serving over 1,000 people every year. This programme has been going on since2005 onwards.

Fitment of tailor made artificial limb/appliance is a service provided free of cost, both at the center and during the community outreach camps. Basic physio-therapy services are provided at the center to ensure proper adjustment with the limb. On an average, each center conducts about 23 screening/distribution camps every year.

World Disability Day is celebrated every year at all ALFCs, involving people with loco motor disabilities, Lanco employees, government departments and district administration.

Special Scholarships are given to the physically challenged in 3 locations. Efforts are also being made to provide skill training to generate employment opportunities and self-employment in 2 locations.(delete)



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