Learning & Development
At Lanco, we recognise that our employees are our greatest strength. We make long-term investments in our people and empower them to stay ahead of competition by providing regular exposure to learning and knowledge enhancement. As we continue to grow as an organisation, it is vital that our employees keep pace and develop as professionals and as teams. Our Learning and Development programme aims to instil a culture of continuous learning and excellence in our people so that the foundations of Lanco as a high performance organisation are strengthened.

The Learning and Development programme's goal is to enhance every employee's competencies at the individual, team and organisational levels, and to equip her/him with the right knowledge, skills and attitude, so that each person can contribute significantly to ensuring the organisation's success. In the process, each employee is personally and professionally enriched and motivated to sustain excellence in performance. The competitive edge created through a knowledgeable, skilled and motivated workforce ultimately results in Lanco achieving its strategic business goals. Our Learning and Development programme creates a pool of exceptional talent that can be tapped by Lanco as it grows globally in the future.

The Lanco Academy stands testimony to the significance that Lanco attaches to learning and development of employees. Spread over 30,000 square feet, the Academy is located in Gurgaon and is equipped with modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art technologies that aid knowledge enhancement and personal development.

The Academy's six seminar halls and six breakaway rooms are designed to enhance the effectiveness of the learning process. The library provides a comprehensive repository of reference books, technical and professional periodicals, both general and specific to functional areas, as well as several online journals and publications.

Leadership Development Programme
Lanco's Leadership Programme has been designed to groom exceptional individuals as potential leaders by nurturing their career advancement. The aim is to enhance the ability of our senior leaders and key talent to build a unique and effective leadership culture through which Lanco's business strategy can be implemented. The LEO framework forms the core of this programme, and the emphasis is on transforming functional leaders into business leaders who can propel Lanco onto the global stage.

The Leadership Development Programme is well integrated with Lanco's human resources sub systems, through attracting the right talent, providing them experience via challenging roles and a dynamic culture that emphasises performance and learning, as well as a rigorous, well executed human resources talent management planning process.

Continuous Learning
At Lanco, learning is a way of life. Our investment in people and infrastructure is aimed at creating a holistic learning environment to fulfil our commitment to building the intellectual capital and skills of our employees. People are encouraged to learn new skills, acquire new competencies and discover new ways of doing business. Continuous personal and professional development, related to every aspect and career level of our people, is integral to Lanco's value system. The continuous learning framework, built around LEO, is aimed at fostering change through learning, and excellence through continuous and fast-past learning.

Our employee programmes encourage people to learn from their failures but also their successes. These programmes incorporate a range of subjects including technical, functional, behavioural, managerial, cultural and leadership orientation, and are designed to equip our people to meet the challenges thrown up by today's competitive world. The programmes are custom designed and geared to cater to the learning needs of the employees, following systematic evaluation. The programmes themselves are continuously updated and use the latest learning techniques and technologies.

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