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At Lanco, we believe that the organisation's largest and most valuable asset is its people. Their knowledge, expertise and skills combined with their energy and commitment are the engines that drive business growth and success. The adage 'an organisation is only as good as its people' truly applies to Lanco, an organisation that is committed to being 'Always Inspiring' for its people.

We inspire our people to bring their talents and ideas to work to help Lanco achieve it goals. We also strive to create an environment that inspires people to give their best, to be productive and deliver exceptional results. We aim to ensure that each person working at Lanco is happy, healthy, professionally fulfilled and treated fairly. And that he or she regards Lanco as an employer of choice.

Benefits play an important role in your decision to join the organisation. At Lanco, we ensure that our benefits and compensation keep pace with the changing needs of the market and are the best in the industry.

We offer the most comprehensive benefits and compensation package to empower our people to lead fulfilling professional and personal lives. We understand that each person has different needs, and cater to this difference by offering a Flexible Compensation Basket. This flexible compensation puts control in your hands to structure your compensation basis your individual needs.

Benefits offered by Lanco include:

Medical Benefits
Lanco offers its people comprehensive medical insurance coverage, with benefits expended to all the dependents in your family, including parents. Medical, dental and maternity coverage is designed to maximise convenience. Cashless treatment and speedy claims processing are some of the highlights of medical insurance coverage. Association with premium medical institutes and discount programmes on health check-ups are other benefits which our people enjoy.

Life and Personal Accident Insurance
We offer group personal accident insurance which provides financial support in the event of disablement due to accident. Our group term life insurance coverage provides financial support for the family at the time of natural or accidental death of the employee. Terminal illness and temporary, partial or permanent disability benefits are also covered in our policy. Supplemental coverage is provided to employees on business travel.

Lanco's Provident Fund programme which makes employees eligible to provision funds for their retirement years, or for their dependents in the case of their early death. The employee contributes 12 percent of the basic salary which is matched by the company. Additionally, employees who work with Lanco for a period of more than five years are eligible for gratuity payouts upon separation. The payouts are calculated on the basis of 15 day's basic pay for each completed year of service.

Employee Well-being
In our endeavour to encourage our people to develop healthy minds and bodies, we advocate the use of in-house gym facilities, recreational area and library, and organise periodic talk session with health practitioners, onsite doctor visits and medical room. Additionally, we have focused groups/clubs where like-minded people can interact and explore their mutual passion in sports, literature, theatre and other areas.

Celebrations and Fun
We believe that fun at work fosters a sprit of camaraderie and teamwork, and a positive attitude to work. These occasions allow people to get to know each other at a personal level, and to build bonds of friendship. And all this contributes significantly to a healthy, dynamic organisation.

We have fun at work by celebrating the organisation's milestones, project achievements and project completions. Appreciation of people's achievements in everyday work is another occasion to celebrate. We try to seize every opportunity of having fun be it our Annual Day, Family Day, festival celebrations, World Women's Day, World Environment Day and so on....


Awards and Recognition
A career at Lanco means the opportunity to inspire and be inspired. We encourage our people to explore new ways of doing things under the guidance of the finest minds in the industry. People at Lanco are encouraged to bring new ideas and innovative practices to every day work life. For Lanco, since inception, innovation has been the key to fuelling the organisation's growth and diversification into new businesses. To encourage the internalisation of the concept of innovation by our people, Lanco has instituted the annual Innovation Awards. These prestigious awards are presented to those who contribute to making a difference to business processes and every day work through their original, inventive ideas.

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