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Job Opportunities at Lanco

Lanco Academy A/V

Lanco is a growing, dynamic organisation that offers immense opportunities for ambitious, achievement oriented individuals with the right values and attitude. For Lanco, its people are its most valuable asset, and the organisation is committed to ensuring that its people fulfil their professional ambitions and dreams. It offers them every opportunity to grow and excel.

To succeed at Lanco, you need:
  • The requisite expertise in your area of work
  • A demonstrated synergy with our core values of integrity, humility and respect, organisation before self, achievement drive, positive attitude, accountability, team work and continuous learning
  • Leadership qualities
  • A sense of accountability for the profitability and growth of the business

All employees participate in the annual performance assessment process which helps them to clearly define their present and future growth. This also provides the management an opportunity to define different career paths and provide tools to proactively manage employee's professional and personal growth.

Lanco also provides exceptional learning and development opportunities, internally and externally, including support for academic degrees and professional certification.

At Lanco, we also help our people shape their careers through mentoring and coaching programmes which play a crucial role in their professional development.

Fast Track Career Growth Opportunities
We encourage our people to perform consistently and aim to achieve exceptional results. The achievers and star performers are rewarded by being given the opportunity to fast track their careers and by-pass the established growth path in the organisation. Star performers, identified across the organisation, are nurtured to excel in their field of work and trained to exploit their potential.

Global Assignments
As Lanco expands beyond the country's boundaries to fulfil its aspirations to become a global business entity, it offers its people the opportunity to break geographical barriers and find new professional horizons across the globe.

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