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Mission of Lanco HSE

To be a most admired organization in the field of Health, Safety and Environment.

Vision of Lanco HSE

Empowering teams to attain a healthy and safe work place with emphasis on zero injury and environmental protection.

Occupational health at LANCO has a strong focus on primary prevention of hazards, and is directed towards protecting the health of its employees and contractors working within its facilities. Deterrent and remedial health is promoted through programmes and initiatives compliant within regulatory requirements. Each facility has a dedicated

Occupational Health Centre (OHC) aimed to:
  • Ensure that the health of the employees and contractors remains sound.
  • Expand the healthcare services to community around as required.
  • Ensure guaranteed focus on Preventive Measures in occupational health.
  • Monitor health status to determine and advise concerned for adopting preventive measures
  • Mandating Pre-employment check-up for new employees, periodic medical examination etc.

Major activities of our OHC are:
  • Thorough physical examination of the contractors ensuring that child labor does not reach to our facility.
  • Ensure emergency response in case of any eventuality
  • Extend Health education – First aid, Ergonomics, Health alerts etc to the employees, their family and community around the facility.
  • Workplace, canteen hygiene monitoring.
  • Assessing Occupational Health related risks to employees and contractors
  • Counseling and advising

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