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Mission of Lanco HSE

To be a most admired organization in the field of Health, Safety and Environment.

Vision of Lanco HSE

Empowering teams to attain a healthy and safe work place with emphasis on zero injury and environmental protection.

At Lanco, safety of its employees and contractors at work sites, projects and offices is of cardinal importance and integral to its business activities. The organisation has adopted global standards and systems to provide a safe work environment.

Lanco has instituted its own unique initiative to improve its HSE performance: the empowered safety steering committee which functions at two levels -- corporate and business unit. The corporate committee has oversight of organisation-wide management of safety improvements while the business unit committee focuses on specific business groups. Site specific safety committees have also been constituted with representation from the management and workmen.

Lanco has fostered best-in-class safety systems to focus on:
  • Compliance with applicable safety legislative requirements
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment of its activities from inception to operation
  • Identification and incorporation of indispensable safety measures at the design stage of the projects
  • Development and implementations of effective, preventive systems such as work permits, emergency management plan, incidents reporting systems, incident investigation and root cause analysis
  • Implementation of an effective fire fighting system comprising alarms, manual call points, sprinkler systems, a pressurised fire hydrant system, fire tenders and a well trained human resources to handle emergencies
  • Implementation on an 'on site emergency' plan with stringent emphasis on training of employees and mock drills which can be fine-tuned to meet the needs of specific site operations
  • Adoption of a methodology to handle safety such as Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) and Hazard Identification (HAZID) studies, hazardous area classification, development of safety data sheets and standard operating procedures, selection of safe material of construction, etc
  • Delivery of regular, safety training to both employees and contractors
  • Cross entity auditing of systems to ensure their effective implementation and practice
  • Review of safety performance and application of suitable feedback to ensure achievement of objectives
  • Communication of relevant safety information through e-journals, the HSE portal, handbooks, etc
  • Institutionalisation of an award system for employees and contractors to foster motivation

Lanco's approach towards safety management is based on comprehensive Improvement and capability development to built safety awareness, a safe work environment and methodical documentation.

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