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Our Approach
We approach CSR professionally at Lanco, and our aim is to align our efforts through internationally accepted approaches, such as:

  • Millennium Development Goals: Align our activities with the eight Millennium Development Goals
  • UN Global Compact: Make sincere and meaningful efforts to adhere to the 10 principles of the UN Global compact
  • ISO draft 2600 criteria: Pay attention to the eight principles of ISO certification
  • Triple bottom-line approach: Mainstream every element of our CSR policy as an integral value system in all business and social strands of the company
  • Adhere to National Voluntary guidelines

Our approach to CSR is based on three strategic principles:

  • Doing more with less: Maximizing impact through effective use of funds by applying the principle of ‘focus’ to target resources.
  • Achieving results: Focusing on outputs and outcomes to achieve enhanced impact.
  • Need-based development: Responsiveness to the needs and aspirations of people, and following the development approach in all responses

Our approach to area of operation focuses on work in the neighbourhood villages of our power plant areas and business locations. Programmes are targeted largely towards the poor and the vulnerable, with particular emphasis on women and children.


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