Lanco Foundation
Objectives of the Lanco Foundation
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Mission of Lanco Foundation

Development of communities and society through social and community development responses.

Vision of Lanco Foundation

Most inspiring Corporate Social Responsibility arm.

Annual Report


The Objectives
  • To lead CSR initiatives of Lanco Group
  • Plan and execute CSR programmes and activities related to workplace, communities, marketplace and environment
  • Promote employee voluntarism
  • Periodically conduct reviews and evaluations to assess impact of the initiatives
  • To conduct research, need assessments etc. for future requirements
  • Develop partnerships to bring programme improvements and expand programmes
  • To meet all statutory requirements from time to time
Strategic initiatives
  • To cover villages within 25 kms radius of plants with various activities in a phased approach
  • Focus on Health and Education programmes
  • All programmes to be implemented following guidelines drafted and approved and timelines set by the management
  • Optimization of scope and quality of services to reach out to rural population
  • Focus on achieving results while engaging due processes
  • Follow decentralized approach to the extent possible by empowerment process and defining delegation of authority

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